Week 10: So long, Farewell…


1.) My first impression on your blog was exciting. I knew that bogging would be a chance for me to share myself with other people virtually, and to meet new people online as well. I liked to see your take on it all.

2.) The thing that captured my attention the most was  when i started edublog’s was the amount of effort my classmates put into their blogs and other people i got to meet from a different school or even country! I saw that you contributed so much to all of your blogs!

3.) The thing that distracted me the most had been seeing my classmates posts and becoming nervous that mine was not good enough. You had done such a great job it was hard at first to see how well they were doing.

4.) The advice i can give you is to enjoy blogging because it can teach you many may many things for the future.



Natural World: Carlie Esses

I am extremely passionate about our beautiful world, and i believe that everyone should feel the same. I am especially passionate about trees. Trees are so important for our world, and here is why. Since the beginning, trees have furnished us with two of life’s essential’s, food and oxygen. Today, their value continues to increase, and more benefits of trees are being discovered as their role expands to satisfy the needs created by our modern lifestyles.






Trees are a very important part of our community. Streets, parks, playgrounds, and backyards which create a pleasing environment for everyone. Many neighborhoods are the home of many old trees that serve as a historical landmark for every small community. Trees contribute to environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Trees control climate by moderating the effects of the sunOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, rain and lastly wind.

Many animals, including elephants, koala’s, and giraffes eat leaves off of our very own trees. Therefore trees provide food for animals as well as their own environment. The main reason people enjoy trees so much is because of how beautiful and majestic they are. This concludes on how trees are so important to people, animals, and their own community.

Week 5: Our Food

Where i live, which is Los Angeles, California, food is very important to many many people. Some foods that are extremely popular in LA, include: pizza, salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos, tacos, and many more. All of these foods are eaten daily by a large amount of people i know, and everyone else in our community. These foods taste appealing to us Americans because everything tastes sweet and delicious. My favorite out of these options is… Hamburgers! Hamburgers are so tasty and perfect, it is like taking a big bite out of heaven. Wherever you are, anyone can easily find these specific foods that are most common in America.

Week 3: Favorite time with my family

My favorite time with my family…


In my family i have and older brother who i am very close with, and two parents who are incredible. A couple of years ago i went to Cabo, Mexico with my family and there we rode horses along the water. It was so much fun because the view was absolutely stunning and i loved spending quality time with my family.6786dbc21bee59f685469d4f181fc619 It felt so magical just to be in such an amazing environment with the people i love the most.

Week 3: Grandparent Story

I interviewed my mom for this blog post. Here she is going to be talking about her father.

Me: Mom, did papa Howie (my grandpa) teach you any life lessons that you still hold with you today?

Mom: Yes, he did. He taught me to always settle for a man who loves and cares for me, and then i met your father.

Me: Did your dad work hard for your family?

Mom: He worked very hard for our family and always put his children first. He would travel a lot in order to provide us with the things we needed.

Me: Okay, last question. What is your most memorable moment with your dad?

Mom: Him coming home from work when i was a kid, he gave me a bath and would never stop making me laugh. He was just like a big teddy bear, and gave the best snuggles. dear-daddy-prince-king-quotes-family-father-daughter-quote-pictures-pics

What have i learned about using images?

What have i learned about using images on my blog post? I have learned that using I’m games on my blog posts helps the audience get a  better understanding of what i am trying to pronounce through my blog post. The images i used were mostly quotes that i felt explain the post a lot better for the audience. Using images creates a different aspect of the meaning recognized from the readers.

Image: blog post


Robin Williams was an extremely famous actor who passed away lat year. One of his movies “Mrs. DoubtFire”, was my favorite film as a kid. I used to watch it with my brother, and parents all the time. Robin was always so funny in all of the movies he appeared in, and no one will ever forget what he was famous for. Most of all, his brilliant mind.

Blog Commenting

Blogging is all about commenting. Commenting expresses what other people think about a blog post or something somebody has expressed throughout edublogs. When i comment, i feel like i am sharing what i personally feel to another viewer. That means that they can see what i wrote and they could see my blog and comment as well. Commenting helps someone understand the meaning of having a blog and how to express it. Lastly, i enjoy commenting on others peers blogs because they get to know that i have seen what they have created and they can understand how i feel about it.

Commenting On Other Blogs

I commented on four of my classmates blogs and this is what i provided:

Emily Salvay; i like your use of detail and how you used everything so clearly. U explained everything you enjoy and i like your sense of imagination within the poem.

– I commented that because i felt that emily used a great sense of detail within her poem.

Ella Price; Ella! Great job! I like how you explained you avatar so clearly because now know what you look like online and offline. i also enjoyed your details about your choices with your avatar.

– I commented on Ella’s blog because i felt that she used great detail when explaining her avatar.

Madi E. ; Madi, i really enjoyed you use of detail about your life! You truly explained everything about you which makes me feel like online blogging really makes a difference on aspects of peers.

– I chose to comment on Madi’s blog because she really explained in detail her life and what she enjoys.

Amelia Anderson; Mel! Great job! You really explained in detail what your avatar looks like and how it relates to yourself in real life. Im glad i got to read your blog.

– Mel did a really great job explaining her avatar, and i really enjoyed her use of detail.


Carlie’s Blog

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.18.04 PM

My name is Carlie. I have dirty blonde hair and and brown eyes as you can see in my avatar. I am super bubbly online and offline and i really enjoy being social as to both. I like to express who i am through the internet, and my avatar represents who I am and what I look in real life. I don’t change from the two topics because I like to be myself to let other people get to know me.

Here are some things people do not know about me:

– i really enjoy being active

– i enjoy english and history because those two subjects are my favorites

– i like to hang out with friends and being social

– i enjoy spending time with my family and my dog

– my two favorite sports are volleyball and dance

– my two favorite food are sushi and pizza

– my hardest subject in school is math

– my favorite season is fall