Week 3: Grandparent Story

I interviewed my mom for this blog post. Here she is going to be talking about her father.

Me: Mom, did papa Howie (my grandpa) teach you any life lessons that you still hold with you today?

Mom: Yes, he did. He taught me to always settle for a man who loves and cares for me, and then i met your father.

Me: Did your dad work hard for your family?

Mom: He worked very hard for our family and always put his children first. He would travel a lot in order to provide us with the things we needed.

Me: Okay, last question. What is your most memorable moment with your dad?

Mom: Him coming home from work when i was a kid, he gave me a bath and would never stop making me laugh. He was just like a big teddy bear, and gave the best snuggles. dear-daddy-prince-king-quotes-family-father-daughter-quote-pictures-pics

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